Before the year ends, I need to declare and claim this!!!


2020 got me reflecting on my career retrospectively, specifically how my passion for the web surfaced in the last two decades.

Parkinson’s case study, mind theories, growth-mindset, wellbeing…

DNA Digital Art
(My attempted DNA Digital Art above (Photoshop)

Neuroscience Research:

“The value of humour is a very significant prerequisite to living a happy life & even more so when negativity surfaces.” Farzana Irani

Beautiful beach and said photo — taken in Abu Dhabi.

I would not allow one man’s livelihood to become another man’s gold mine.

Search engine optimisation work in progress
Optimise your website today…

1. SEO Keywords Research

Farzana Irani

Elusive Ambivert. Dyslexic. Partial to the sky, George Michael, coffee, dePRESSiON, supercars, neuroscience, films 🎬 | Get Accessible with 🚀

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