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Explore my art and mind website, Fuzzworks.co.uk. I had my first exhibition in September 2015 at The Brick Lane Gallery, in London.


Volunteering for the greater good...

Volunteered at St Bartholomew's Hospital, visiting patients in their wards with newspapers and confectionery | 2011 - 2019

Ambassador Volunteer at ONE.org, supporting government bills, signing up U2 concert fans to help eradicate extreme poverty | 2015 - 2017


Here are some of the motivational books to help me through down days:

- Happy Sexy Millionaire by Steven Bartlett

- The Human Edge by Greg Orme

- Start With Why by Simon Sinek


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Farzana Irani

Farzana Irani

Elusive Ambivert. Dyslexic. Partial to dePRESSiON, tech, art, supercars, neuroscience, looking at the moon, films... 🎬 | Get Accessible with iAdControl.com πŸš€