Before the year ends, I need to declare and claim this!!!

2020 is the year that I have come to the realisation that I am dyslexic — its only taken forever to get here, a lifetime!

Thanks to BT and their internal neurodiversity events the latter part of 2020, at the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Accessibility’ Guilds, that had me really thinking about my life struggles from childhood to present and why I am a certain way — the neurodivergent differences resonated with me and it all makes sense now — felt like I was missing the whole base of the puzzle but now I have categorised it, pigeon-holed it. …


Farzana Irani

Elusive Ambivert. Dyslexic. Partial to the sky, George Michael, coffee, dePRESSiON, supercars, neuroscience, films 🎬 | Get Accessible with 🚀

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