Before the year ends, I need to declare and claim this!!!

2020 is the year that I have come to the realisation that I am dyslexic — its only taken forever to get here, a lifetime!


Thanks to BT for holding internal neurodiversity events the latter part of 2020, at the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ and ‘Accessibility’ Guilds, that had me really thinking about my life struggles from childhood to present and why I am a certain way — the neurodivergent differences resonated with me and my experiences all makes sense now — felt like I was missing the whole base of the puzzle but now I have categorised it, pigeon-holed it.

2020 got me reflecting on my career retrospectively, specifically how my passion for the web surfaced in the last two decades.

I grew up in the cusp of Analogue and Digital — you may have heard of the Digital Age, Information Age, Computer Age, New Media Age…

I am part of the Generation X (1965–1980) / Xennials (1970s to early 80s) era — the years vary slightly in different sources — I reside in the remaining years of Generation X and Xennials years — I am categorically not a millennial! 🙅🏻‍♀️

I remember growing up playing the Atari tennis game (as dull as it was), Super Mario and Street Fighter in the 80s /90s. 📺🕹

When I started Uni in 1998…

Parkinson’s case study, mind theories, growth-mindset, wellbeing…

DNA Digital Art
DNA Digital Art
(My attempted DNA Digital Art above (Photoshop)

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Neuroscience Research:

Dopamine controls the brain’s pleasure centers & coordinates movement.
Serotonin controls your mood, well-being, and appetite.
Alzheimer’s disease causes tremors, memory loss, and cognitive impairment.

Parkinson’s disease is caused by losing dopamine-generating cells in restricted areas of the brain, including regions called the Substantia Nigra, the locus ceruleus and the dorsal nucleus of the vagus nerve.

Substantia Nigra (black substance) is in the mid brain. When the SN diminishes it causes Parkinson’s. Neuro Melania is the pigment that gives SN the darkness of colour. Basal…

“The value of humour is a very significant prerequisite to living a happy life & even more so when negativity surfaces.” Farzana Irani

Beautiful beach and said photo — taken in Abu Dhabi.
Beautiful beach and said photo — taken in Abu Dhabi.



What about #SpottyAndLovely?

Some of us just want #flawless #skin regardless of #colour!

#Complex #Beauty #Race

#Camels #originate from #NorthAmerica!
Well, that just gave me the chills…

#VAT the fu*k!

#TamponTax to be donated to women’s charity because we like to fund domestic abuse as a contingency plan…NOT


We’re all #living on the off chance that we might #live long!

#GreyHair is just a #pigment of your #old #imagination!

When your #umbrella is a force to be reckoned with… do you let it go or #battle the #wind or perhaps #hope to fly off like #MaryPoppins


I would not allow one man’s livelihood to become another man’s gold mine.

(This was written for ONE Campaign | Volunteer Ambassador, 2015–2017)

One of the top priorities for the Sustainable Development Goals is to ‘End Poverty In All Its Forms Everywhere’ by 2030.

There are over 7.5 billion people in the world, and although the proportion of people living on less than $1.25 a day has halved since the 1990s, 795 million still survive on this amount a day or less.

If we are to have any form of global financial equality to end the perennial ache for the people who suffer from extreme poverty, then we need to enforce land grabbing…

Search engine optimisation work in progress
Search engine optimisation work in progress
Optimise your website today…

1. SEO Keywords Research

Write down 5 to 10 top keywords with long tail keywords that you think people will search for to find your business online then order the 3 to 5 relevant keywords for each page. Use these popular keywords on your website content, blogs and when sharing on social media.
Set up Google My Business profile, this will provide more visibility on Google Local search.

2. Page Titles

Relevant page titles are important for SEO. These page titles are displayed on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and act as micro ads, which encourages visitors to click through to your website. Ensure it contains most…

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Elusive Ambivert. Dyslexic. Partial to the sky, George Michael, coffee, dePRESSiON, supercars, neuroscience, films 🎬 | Get Accessible with 🚀

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